Rave Coffee, Fudge Blend Nº 5, Whole Beans, 250g

Rave Coffee, Fudge Blend Nº 5, Whole Beans, 250g

Rave Coffee
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The Coffee.

As an added difference to our Single Origin Light Roast at First. we have introduced this delightful Blend from the quality roasters Rave Coffee. Roasted darker than our usual style as a medium / dark roast. This coffee as milk-based espresso leaves a lovely fudgy aftertaste that will leave you wanting to lick the cup!

The Taste.

Fudge. Nuff Said!

Medium / Dark Roast

For maximum fudge, we recommend a flat white or cappuccino made with whole milk.

The Story.

Rave Coffee aim to source coffee that scores 82 points or above on the SCA scale for quality for all of their blends; and 84+ for their single origins as a minimum starting point. In a nutshell they simply want to serve you the best coffee you've ever had. Now how's that for company vision?!!