How Long Will My Drink Stay Hot Or Cold in a Frank Green Reusable?

Good question!
This will depend on the type of Frank Green cup you have purchased.

This popular range should keep your drinks hot or cold at a controlled temperature for much longer due to the vacuum-sealed insulated technology. This is the perfect cup for the travelling sippers of the world that like to make a hot cuppa & take it with them in their bag for sipping at their destination.
For the best heat retention, keep your lid on & the button closed unless drinking.

With the Original cups, you will notice that the difference in material means that temperature retention will be different. We expect these ranges to keep drinks hot or cold for slightly longer than a single-use cup.
So if you're a fast drinker - this range is for you! 

Other factors to consider will be the volume of your drink, the initial temperature of your beverage & how often you release the seal by opening & drinking from your Frank Green cup.