What's The Difference Between Frank Green Original & Ceramic?

Frank Green has two types of reusables to choose from, Original & Ceramic, with both ranges offering different sizes.  


As the name suggests, the Original range is how it all started for Frank Green. The multi-award-winning original reusable cup is made from quality materials, with a stain & odour resistant inner lining & a smart double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your drink hotter or colder for longer than a single-use cup could ever hope for.

So why choose the original reusable cup?

It's incredibly durable & long-lasting, meaning it can easily withstand the rough & tumble of an active (or hectic!) lifestyle. The signature non-slip grip feels great in your hands, it comes with Frank Green's patented push-button lid that won't spill, & it's 100% dishwasher safe! 

Its our go-too cup amongst the team at First. as our drinks don't hang around for long so we don't need them to retain their heat for a long period of time. But we can keep reusing the cup time after time.

Sizes Available

Small: 8oz / 230ml
Regular: 12oz / 340ml

Here is what the Original reusable cup looks like with the lid off:  

Frank Green Original Reusable Cup in Blush Pink

Please note Frank Green do not use glass in any of their products.



If you want your drink to retain its temperature for hours, then the Ceramic reusable range is probably best suited to you. 

So why choose the Ceramic reusable cup?

This is the ultimate reusable cup experience. The Royals Royce of all reusable cups on the market. It looks beautiful, maintains the liquid temperature you desire for hours & tastes the way your barista intended. Plus when you’re done drinking, you can close it up & clean it when you get home.

Sizes Available: Regular: 10oz / 295ml and Large: 16oz / 475ml

Here is how the Ceramic reusable cup & bottle look like with the lid off:

Frank Green Reusable Ceramic Cup in Black

We have both ranges available at First. with the different sizes available too as we're all so individual when it comes to what size drink we enjoy.

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