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Frank green original reusable 8oz cup, khaki green

8oz Original Reusable Cup, Khaki Green

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The Product:

The most reliable, feel-good reusable cup on the market. The multi-award-winning original reusable cup by Frank Green is made from quality materials, with a stain & odour resistant inner lining & a smart double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your beverage hotter (or colder) for longer.

Its incredibly durable and long-lasting design means it can easily withstand the rough and tumble of an active lifestyle.

This is an 8oz Cup (perfect for a latte or cappuccino or filled lower for a flat white)

Ceramic version available in 6oz & 10oz sizes.

The Brand:

Aussie brand Frank Green isn't a person, its a philosophy. They are Frank about living Green. Their purpose is to stop the use of single-use plastic products. To achieve this, they create beautifully designed, innovative and highly functional environmentally sustainable products that fit into all our lives and that we love to use, over & over & over again.