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Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee, Decaffeinated

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The Coffee.

Expertly processed to create a Decaffeinated version of the deep rich flavours of a Costa Rican Single Origin coffee. Hand Roasted in England. Sustainable coffee beans, ethically sourced direct from the farms.

With natural ingredients, no added sugar & no impurities. Crude Coffee delivers flavour in its purest "crudest" form. 

Choose your grind to match your coffee making style.

The Taste.

Milk chocolate & caramel with citrus notes and a smooth body. Ideal for Espresso.

The Info.

Giving you the freshest beans possible, we now weigh out your beans direct from our hopper once your order has been placed - supplied in a heat sealed bag. Please feel free to bring in your own storage jar as a refill option, helping towards a packaging-free planet - we'll give you a discount for helping out!