El Salvador Single Origin Coffee hand roasted in England.

El Salvador Single Origin Coffee, Finca El Carmen Region

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The Coffee.

Single Origin Speciality El Salvador Coffee. Hand Roasted in England. Sustainable coffee beans, ethically sourced direct from the farms. 

With natural ingredients, no added sugar & no impurities. Crude Coffee delivers flavour in its purest "crudest" form.

The Taste.

Milk chocolate, honey & praline, with notes of cherry & orange zest.

Ideal for Espresso.

The Story.

El Carmen Estate is located at 1,300m above sea level in El Salvador’s Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, one of Central America’s prime specialty coffee producing areas.

El Carmen is an extremely well-run specialty estate & is managed with scrupulous attention to detail, with great emphasis placed on maintaining the identity of each lot from the moment its coffee cherries are harvested until the point when the green beans are ready for export.

The estate’s coffee is produced under approximately 60% shade cover, which is required for the coffee to ripen evenly. Prior to the rainy season, shade trees are then pruned to about 40% shade to allow the access of light necessary for new foliage growth.

During the harvest, the red & orange Bourbon cherries are hand-picked only when perfectly ripe and de-pulped the same day. The beans are then naturally fermented, washed with pure spring water, & sun-dried on clay patios. The coffee is stored in parchment in wooden silos to protect the freshness of each individual bean, left to ‘rest’ for a minimum of 60 days under controlled conditions to reach uniform humidity and colour.

Finally, the beans are prepared & all defects removed and screened to uniform size.