Las Guerreras Mexico Coffee Beans, 250g

Las Guerreras Mexico Coffee Beans, 250g

Girls Who Grind Coffee
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The Coffee.

We know summer is a little way off but the days are getting longer and lighter and that's pretty much all we need to start feeling those summertime vibes - and the perfect coffee to encapsulate that lightness and spirit of celebration is this natural number from Las Guerreras, Mexico

The Taste.

Tastes Like: Pineapple, berry + lime paletas. Brown sugar. Fiesta de Sabor.

Think delicate, yet fruity, and strawberry jolly rancher sweet with a smoothness.

Ideal for Espresso & Filter.

The Story.

Nearly 100% of the coffee produced in the Guerrero area of Mexico is bought by one single private company at low prices and sold on. Ensambles wants to change this, to use coffee as a force of good. They began working with producers in Guerrero 5 years ago. The women involved in the project are provided with training and education on producing quality coffee. They are given an opportunity to provide an income for their family. Ensambles pay producers 2.7 times more than a local collector. 

Producers in this area are warriors, using coffee as their ammunition. Hence the perfectly chosen coffee name 'Las Guerreras' (The Warriors)!

We need to support the efforts of organisations like Ensambles, who are taking risks in areas where others won’t. We need to highlight the work the women in Guerrero are doing for their communities, their families and themselves.