HuskeeCup Lids, Four Lids Set

HuskeeCup Lids, Four Lids Set

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The Product:

Huskee lids are designed to fit across their 6oz, 8oz and 12oz cups. They have no moving parts and can be easily cleaned. They have been designed to be similar to a t/a lid however (ie not to be thrown in a bag!) however give a far better drinking experience, similar to drinking from the cup with no lid. 

Check out Huskee - they are as sophisticated as they are sustainable. A beautifully designed product with sustainability at its heart utilising coffee husk, an organic waste material produced from the milling of coffee. 

While using the brand in our own speciality coffee house, to help reduce the environmental impact of single-use coffee cups & as a reusable ceramic alternative, we thought what better than to be able to offer these innovative cup sets to enjoy at home too as a unique set that you'll get props for from all your house guests.

Why Choose Huskee?

  • Keeps your tea & coffee hotter for longer
  • Comfortable to hold with stylish fin design
  • Durable and reusable
  • Won't crack or chip easily
  • Non-toxic (BPA-free)
  • Re-purposes waste material
  • Dishwasher friendly

Be part of positive change by choosing Huskee as part of your everyday cup collection.

Check out the saucer too that fits 6oz, 8oz & 12oz cups & is also available in a set of 4. See Saucer Set.