frizbee ceramics acid smiley face tray

Smiley Face Ceramic Tray

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The Product:

This smiley face ceramic tray may be the happiest & coolest tray in town with its hand painted acid smiley face motifs boldly baked on.

The cups pictured are sold separately to the tray.

  • Porcelain Construction
  • Dishwasher Safe

Due to the handcrafted nature of Frizbee Ceramics’ products, each one is totally unique and therefore may differ slightly from images shown.

The Brand:

Frizbee Ceramics is an artist-run ceramic design studio in Brussels which produces limited edition runs of handmade tableware & joy-filled homeware. They love to make durable and sustainable objects. Each piece is unique and crafted by hand in their studio with premium quality high firing porcelain and goes through several stages of production. Brief casting, Sanding, Bisque firing (980 ° for 28 hours), Glazing, High temp firing (1250 ° for 48 hours).

The pieces that survive all of these different stages (as quite a few of them don't) are considered quite unique for making it through the processes.

All items are dishwasher safe.